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Data and reports designed to provide critical information when it can deliver most benefit; early on in a (re)development.



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SuDS in development

SuDS in development



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SuDSmart reports

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Below are some FAQs to help get you started. However, our experts are available and keen to provide advice for the specific challenges of your site.



FAQs in brief:

What does a SuDSmart report include?

The GeoSmart SuDSmart report actually comes in three, increasingly advanced flavours. These are designed to suit your stage in the development process and to only deliver the information you require.

    • SuDSmart - SuDS evaluation maps and summary - From £195 + Vat
    • SuDSmart Plus - adds Runoff amount & Preliminary assessment - From £745 + Vat
    • SuDSmart Pro - adds a Preliminary assessment & SuDS strategy - From £995 + Vat

Samples (PDF reports): SuDSmart 4MB   |   SuDSmart Plus 4MB   |   SuDSmart Pro 4MB

Is a SuDSmart Pro good enough for outline planning?

  • Currently, opinion on SuDS varies by local authority and will be affected by the type of site and changes planned for it.
  • Have a chat with one of our experts if you’d like to discuss the best options for a specific site
  • The report contents will provide value even where further work is required

Does this cover everything I need to implement SuDS in my development?

  • Yes, for simple sites, but dependent on site complexity additional input may be required. The report is designed to allow early decisions on SuDS strategies for a site such that a more favourable planning application is formed. Early consideration allows the site design to benefit from the SuDS features. Late addition of SuDS can mean having to give up valuable development space and missing the ability to benefit from some cost effective design features.
  • Typically a planner or architect for example will work with a landscape architect or civil engineer to deliver design drawings for a working model.
  • If SuDS is viable, infiltration tests and other site checks such as for contamination may be required before the scheme is finalised.
  • Currently, there may also need to be a management company put in place to ensure the SuDS is kept working in the future. Legislation is being announced imminently that will lead to adoption of SuDS implementations by water authorities. This should make the inclusion of SuDS simpler but may introduce some conditions on terms of what will be approved.

What information will you need?

In order to provide the most value in the report, in addition to the site outline it is beneficial to provide:

  • The current and planned usage
  • Any existing and planned site designs (critical to calculating changes i runoff)
  • If available then existing data such as boreholes, test pits and infiltration tests

A quick check list will be provided at the time of order

Do you also offer datasets?

Of particular relevance to SuDS and used in our reports are GeoSmart’s unique:

  • SuDS50 - infiltration potential on a 50m grid (TIFF/SHP)
  • GW5 - groundwater on a 5m grid (TIFF/SHP)
  • SuDSmart Data report - just the data, compiled into a PDF report

We also offer:

  • OS datasets - from detailed OS MasterMap to national coverage.
  • Aerial, height, 3D models, geology, Utilities
  • Survey (topo and underground), point clouds, RevIT ready output.

What other reports do you do?

  • EnviroSmart - Contaminated Land Phase 1 Desktop Studies
  • FloodSmart - Flood Reports including FRAs (Flood Risk Assessments) for all EA Flood Zones
  • Data reports on contaminated land, flooding, historic use and more from GroundSure


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