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EnviroSmart reports are designed to assess whether a site has potential land quality issues, state who and what is at risk, and outline the solutions available.

We’ve made choosing the right report for you as simple as possible by offering a tiered report range designed to build on detail as required:

EnviroSmart - Desktop Study From £595 + Vat

EnviroSmart Plus - Desktop Study / Site Walkover From £895 + Vat

EnviroSmart Pro - Desktop Study / Site Walkover / Review of planning history and available borehole logs From £1295 + Vat



  • Produced by specialist consultancy team with over 15 years’ experience
  • Great working relationships with Local Authority Officers across the UK
  • Reports are widely accepted in support of planning applications and insurance
  • Fixed price, great quality and fast delivery
  • Fast track turnaround options available

EnviroSmart - Phase 1 Contaminated Land Study

Consistent with LCRM Guidance - Which product is the right one for you?

EnviroSmart EnviroSmart Plus

EnviroSmart Pro

Price for any site up to 2ha (exc. VAT)

£595 £895 £1295

Working days for report (Expadited on request)

5 10 15

Data pack, including pollution incident register, historic landfills and other products listed below in full

Site Walkover/reconnaissance visit

Detailed review of planning history and borehole records


The data pack contains a variety of products that are included in every EnviroSmart package which includes:

  • Pollution incident register
  • Historical Landfill records
  • Trade Directory Entries
  • LA PPC Notices
  • Contaminated Land Register Entries
  • Historical Map Review

If you require additional services, for price on application other products include:

  • Coal Mining Risk Assessment
  • Phase 2 Site Investigation
  • Geotechnical Assessment
  • UXO Assessment


Perfect for

Our reports are the most cost effective way for you to meet local authority planning requirements and understand the risk arising from potential contamination or geotechnical hazards at the site.

Contamination may be present at a site (in the ground and/or in the underlying groundwater) as a result of a historic or current industrial use.

Where development is proposed, the developer is responsible for ensuring that development is safe and suitable for use for the purpose for which it is intended.

EnviroSmart reports provide clear and pragmatic advice regarding the nature and potential significance of land quality hazards which may be present and are ideal for planning applications.

Usable formats

All reports come as a PDF file, see our samples

Key Points

  • Clear, concise and conclusive report
  • Easy-to-read ‘traffic light’ risk rating format
  • Each report includes a Preliminary Risk Assessment in line with best practice and regulatory guidance:
    – Environment Agency’s CLR11 guidance: Model Procedures for the Management of Land Contamination
    – CIRIA C552: Contaminated Land Risk Assessment
    – A Guide to Good Practice
  • Includes consultation with the Local Authority
  • Clear recommendations provided

More Info

Envirosmart - Desktop Study From £595 + Vat

Envirosmart Plus - Desktop Study / Site Walkover From £945 + Vat

Envirosmart Pro - Desktop Study / Site Walkover / Review of planning history and available borehole logs From £1195 + Vat


GeoSmart EnviroSmart Product Card (PDF) 0.5MB


£595 + VAT

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