Features and benefits

FloodSmart reports are designed to assess multiple flood risks to property assets and business operations.

  • Produced by specialist hydrologists with over 15 years’experience
  • Our consultants have built a great working relationship with Environment Agency and Local Authority Officers across the UK
  • Reports are widely accepted in support of planning applications and insurance
  • Fixed price, great quality and fast delivery
  • Fast track turnaround options available

FloodSmart - Flood Risk Assesment (FRA)

Review of flooding from all sources - Which product is right for you?

FloodSmart FloodSmart Plus FloodSmart Pro

Price for any site up to 2 hectares (Exc. VAT)

£595 £995 £1,295

Working Days for Report (Expadited on Request)

5 10-30 days 10-30 days

Suitable for Flood Zone 1, 2 or 3

1 2 and 3 2 and 3

Data pack containing flooding data and historic flood assessments as detailed below

EA model data with detailed map and flood levels

Site walkover/reconnaissance visit


The data pack contains:

  • Flooding from river, coastal, surface water and groundwater
  • Historical flooding analysis
  • Environment Agency (EA) flood defences report
  • Review Local Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
  • Flood mitigation and management options

Additional services (Price on Application) include:

  • Basement Impact Assessment
  • Flood Modelling
  • Groundwater Flood Risk Assessment
  • Portfolio Screening
  • Compensatory Floodplain Storage Analysis
  • Flood Evacuation Plan
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Sequential or Exception Test Report
  • Flood Consequence Assessment (Wales)

Perfect for

We provide a range of assessment levels based upon the location of the site, which flood zone the site is in, the nature of the development proposal, and the complexity of the flood risks involved.

Our reports provide clear and pragmatic advice regarding the nature and potential significance of flood hazards which may be present.

Our consultants assess available data to determine the level of risk based on professional judgement and years of experience.

They are the most cost effective way for you to meet local authority planning conditions and understand the potential flood risk to a site.

Usable formats

All reports are supplied in PDF format and are accessible anytime from your account.

Key Points

  • Cover all sources of flooding
  • Clear, concise and conclusive report
  • Easy-to-read ‘traffic light’ risk rating format
  • Provides a review of available flooding data
  • Consultation is undertaken with the Environment Agency and Local Authority where appropriate
  • Clear recommendations provided

More Info

Floodsmart - For Flood zone 1 -  From £595 + Vat

Floodsmart Plus - For Flood zone 1 & 2 - From £995 + Vat

Floodsmart Pro - For Flood zone 1,2 & 3 - From £1,295 + Vat


Flood Zones

Flood zone 1: < 1 in 1,000 annual probability of river or sea flooding.

Flood zone 2: Between 1 in 100 and 1 in 1,000 annual probability of river flooding.

Flood zone 3: 1 in 100 or greater annual probability of river flooding.


GeoSmart FloodSmart Product Card (PDF) 1MB


£595 + VAT

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