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As of 6 April 2015, SuDS are required for all new developments in England within areas affected by flood and for all major developments outside those areas. Our SuDSmart report range helps architects, planning consultants, developers and lawyers assess which drainage options are available for a site in order to comply.

We’ve made choosing the right report for you as simple as possible by offering a tiered report range designed to build on detail as required:


SuDSmart - Product Table

Assessing the drainage options for surface water management - which is the right product for you?

 SuDSmart  SuDSmart Plus SuDSmart Pro

Price for any site up to 2ha (exc. VAT)

£795 £995 £1295

Working Days for Report (Expadited on Request)

10 15 15

Data Pack, Including infiltration potential, review of planning requirements and SuDS Sustainability Summary. Full data pack contents listed below

SuDS Strategy, outline management & maintenance recommendations and schematic drainage layout


Site walkover/reconnaissance visit

 ✖  ✖


Data pack contents include:

  • Infiltration potential
  • Flood constraints
  • Topography
  • Surface water features and sewers
  • Review of planning requirements
  • SuDS sustainability summary
  • Calculation of run off volumes and storage requirements

Additional services can be purchased alongside your report to enhance it:

  • Detailed drainage design
  • SAB Applications
  • Foul drainage assessment
  • Management and maintenance plans
  • Topographical and CCTV surveys
  • Infiltration testing
  • Pre-development sewer enquiries


Check the samples tab to see full examples of each report!



  • Produced by specialist hydrologists with over 15 years’ experience
  • Great working relationships with Environment Agency and Local Authority Officers across the UK
  • Reports are widely accepted in support of planning applications and insurance
  • Fixed price, great quality and fast delivery
  • Fast track turnaround options available


SuDS is a requirement many are only just becoming aware of, often due to a planning rejection. Whether you're scoping a potential new (re)development or have already submitted plans, make the most of our experts who will be happy to advise on the options to move forward.


Perfect for

The latest guidance for sustainable drainage states that infiltration discharge into the ground is the preferred method for managing surface water. If this isn’t possible, other drainage systems can be introduced.

SuDSmart reports range from screening to more complex assessments, detailing alternative options and outline strategies.

These include attenuation volumes so they can meet Lead Local Flood Authority requirements. They are the most cost effective way to meet local authority planning conditions.

Usable formats

All reports are in PDF format.

Key Points

  • Including GeoSmart’s innovative National SuDS Infiltration Map (SD50)
  • Map showing a site’s infiltration suitability (low, moderate, high)
  • Detailed location mapping and topography
  • Aerial photography
  • Surface water features map and drainage routes
  • Identifies risk to underlying aquifers
  • Shows potential to discharge to a surface water body
  • Shows potential to discharge to a sewer
  • Plus and Pro Reports provide runoff volumes and flows for initial design and discussions with the planning authority
  • Pro Report includes an outline SuDS strategy
  • Clear recommendations and next steps

More Info

SuDSmart - SuDS evaluation maps and summary - From £795 + VAT

SuDSmart Plus - SuDS evaluation maps and summary, Runoff amount & Preliminary assessment - From £995 + VAT

SuDSmart Pro - SuDS evaluation maps and summary, Runoff amount, Preliminary assessment & SuDS strategy - From £1295 + VAT


GeoSmart SuDSmart Product Card (PDF) 1MB


£795 + VAT

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