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Tree Data Coming soon! 

Tree Data is currently in the process of being added to our online shop, however if you need it now please get in touch with the team on 01886 832972 or info@centremaps.co.uk.  

Once it is added you will be able to also include Tree Data, as well as Aerial Imagery and Height Data with your OS MasterMap. 

CentremapsLive has enabled easy access to OS MasterMap property level mapping with relevant height information, aerial imagery and Tree Data in instantly usable formats.

Combine all 4 layers of data into one PDF, or have the individual data files to import into your workspace. Using this product you will get 4 files all covering the exact same data area.


Usable formats


Mapping type Derived from vector formats extracted from the National database and aerial imagery.
Style Detailed mapping to property level with added visual content through aerial imagery.
Used in Planning applications and land and property investigation, development and management
Can be put into Reports, design drawings, CAD software and GIS systems depending on format and licence purchased
Combinations This product represents an excellent combination of products but users may also wish to consider including aerial imagery or other site specific data.

Some users prefer to purchase a wider area of aerial imagery and height information separately in order to provide a more cost effective indication of the site surroundings whilst maintaining the detailed topographic mapping in the core area of interest.
Available as PDF, PDF (layered) and DXF raw data components
Cannot ... be used outside of the terms of licence
Also consider Getmapping Aerial Imagery, NEXTmap 5 metre DTM for 3D models


Please download in order to view the layers:

OS MasterMap + Aerial Imagery + Contours + Tree Data (PDF) 1.5Mb



from £27 + VAT

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